Rose City Label Beer Labels

Rose City Label in Portland, Oregon: Where Craft Beverages Reign Supreme

Craft Beer Labels to Showcase Your Brand

Craft breweries produce nearly one-fourth of the beer consumed in Oregon. Within that market share, the competition is fierce. Your craft beer deserves a unique and spectacular label worthy of the hard work you put into the contents of that bottle. Rose City Label has been helping local craft brewers attract thirsty customers for four generations and counting.

Since 1928, Rose City Label has paved the way for Companies like yours competing to get noticed. Over the years, we have built collaborative relationships that Benefit You and Your Bottom-Line; from resourcing Bottlers (Green Bottling Company), Efficient Print Production Tips, and our years of experience that allows us to guide you toward your success. Coated and textured papers remain the label of choice in the Beer and Wine industry. The need for a high-quality appearance and a resistance to moisture is often important, especially for Wines sitting in ice buckets. Papers come in various textures, from almost totally smooth to heavily textured. The strength of the texture determines what print processes are suitable for the selected material. Even though papers are most commonly used, films have begun to be more widely adopted in wine labeling, and offer further design possibilities.