Rose City Label Digital Printing Plates

Flexographic Printing Plates

Traditional flexographic printing, which is nearly half of our total business, requires printing plates. These plates transfer the ink onto the printing surface, so their accuracy is critical to high quality labels. In October, 2012 we invested in State of the Art equipment to make these plates better than we ever have. The result is better quality printing, all produced under one roof, with faster delivery for you.

  • Very High Quality 4C Process Printing
  • Fine line screens and beautiful graduated fade screens
  • Excellent trapping and registration
  • No film and no film chemistry
  • Industry leading Computer to Plate technology
  • Beautiful printed results

Water Wash Plates – Leading the Way on Sustainability!

Because of our environmental focus, we made the decision to pioneer eco-friendly, water wash printing plates.  These are fairly new in the label industry and we were one of the first companies on the West Coast to install this technology.  Now our vendors use us as a showcase to spread this technology through the industry.

Read more in this blog post.

Printing plates don’t sound very exciting, but they are critical to making beautiful labels. Call us today for more information.