Wine Symposium Networking and Supporting the Industry

Wine Symposium Networking

The Oregon Wine Symposium is a great event for Rose City Label. This event is packed with people following their dreams.  They are passionate about making the best… Read the Rest

New Bottle Deposit Coming Soon

What is it all About?

The Oregon Bottle Bill was created in 1971 and was a groundbreaking way to encourage recycling in our state.  In fact, it was the first bill of its kind in the country.  Though… Read the Rest

Organic Wine Labels Printing Experts

As the demand for more natural, relatively healthy products continues to grow, we are happy to pass along this guidance from TTB regarding Organic claims on your labels.  Organic wine labels… Read the Rest

complex graphics prepress - Fluorescent Ink

We Know Complex Prepress Graphics

Prepress is the very detailed, vital work that happens between a graphic designer and a printing press.  Just having a beautiful design on a computer screen… Read the Rest

Deep Snow - Shop Closed

This much snow hasn’t hit Portland in years!

Some people are saying we haven’t had a downpour like this since January 1996, which lead to massive flooding in Portland in February … Read the Rest

Kids love Badges!

January 11, 2017
Kids sticker badges for Fire and Police Departments

We do more than just beer, wine, and food labels!

Since 1981, we have had a special division within our company making custom sticker badges for police and fire departments.  These badges are… Read the Rest