We Have Label History

Label History

This metal ruler that I use every day to measure labels is likely over 50 years old.  The markings were discontinued as early as the 1940s so this ruler has seen a few labels over the… Read the Rest

We Live Here

We Live Here!

This picture was taken last week while visiting a winery customer in the Columbia River Gorge.  The view is breathtaking and it really gave me pause.  I had to look again to really… Read the Rest

CI Conference 2018 - getting better daily

Rose City Label again attended the PIA/SGIA Continuous Improvement conference. This is the very best place to benchmark with other printers that are practicing Lean Manufacturing.  Seeing… Read the Rest

Always do your best

Always Do Your Best for Customers

Serving customers is a privilege that must be earned daily.  This privilege is granted on the condition that you, the service provider, will always do your best.… Read the Rest

Creative Labels Graphic Design Wizards

Graphic Design Wizards

The people that come up with the eye catching label designs we print truly are  wizards – graphic design wizards.  They make magic happen by combining color, shape… Read the Rest

Top Label Errors

Alexis Jewel from the TTB made her way out from Washington, DC to give the Oregon Wine Symposium the latest and greatest information on wine label approvals.  Avoiding these … Read the Rest

Premium Foil Stamping

February 14, 2018
Premium Foil Stamping Rose City Label

We are Very Good at Premium Foil Stamping

Transferring very high quality premium foil stamping to labes is one of our most important skills.  We have the equipment, people, and experience to … Read the Rest