9/8/20 – Still Crazy Times…

When we started this page almost 6 months ago, we certainly didn’t expect to be maintaining it in September!  What a strange year it has been.  Thankfully, everyone at Rose City Label is safe and work continues.  Because we provide food and beverage packaging, we have always been considered an essential business.  Thankfully, things have remained steady and even busy during this time.

  • We are busy!  Please order early.  New orders require a 4 week lead time.
  • Will Call pickups are back on!  Limited (outdoor) in person press checks are being done.  Call for details.
  • We are in full compliance with the Oregon Governor’s best practices.
  • During any meetings, conversations, or job reviews, everyone is masked up.
  • When possible, we meet outside.  All our daily production meetings are fully masked up.
  • Beer is especially busy since nobody can sell much draft beer this year – everything goes in cans and bottles.
  • A few large customers have been VERY busy this year, so we remain very busy overall and thankful for our amazing customers.

4/30/20 – UPDATE 

Things are SLOWLY returning to normal… but we are not out of the woods yet.  Mostly, we are just adjusting to the ‘new normal’.  There is no going back, but we are going forward with happiness and gratitude for the many customers that have kept us busy this last 6 weeks.  Here are the highlights:

  • Staggered shifts and social distancing remain.  Masks are on!
  • Will call pick ups, vendor visits, and in person sales calls are still on hold.
  • Beer customers are ramping up packaging and offering deliveries.  Well done.
  • Hand sanitizer is a massive part of the business this month.
  • We are looking forward to LIFE after COVID-19 – read more here.

4/10/20 – UPDATE 

Thank you for staying with us during this difficult time.  We remain strong, healthy, and open for business.  Hand sanitizer labels are flying out the door, but we are not letting our guard down.  This will be a tough crisis for many months to come – even after the virus is under control.  Effective immediately, we are allowing no visitors or Will Call pickups.  Read our full update blog post here.

3/24/20 – UPDATE

Today, out of an abundance of caution, we have begun staggering shifts and reworking office seating areas.  Working from home has not gone as well as planned due to the collaborative work we do and the physical samples needed.  We have moved office people apart and staggered shifts to have fewer people in the building at a time.

Sadly, lead times are growing.  Our workload remains very high, but our productivity has slipped a bit for obvious reasons.  Please check back as this situation continues and thanks for your partnership.

3/20/20 – Currently, we are up and running 100%

We have briefed our people about sanitation and social distancing.  Nobody with any flu like symptoms will be allowed to work.  Our equipment is large enough that each machine operator is 20+ feet from others and/or is separated by a wall.  The safety of our people is our first concern and we continue to remind them that at any time they are free to leave the workplace if they are uncomfortable.  At this time, we do not expect extended lead times.

Our Supply Chain has not been interrupted

None of our material suppliers have indicated any foreseen supply problems.  This could change rapidly, of course, but we are moving forward to fulfill the label orders you have trusted us with.  We have ample supply of most items we will need on hand and are working closely with our suppliers to make sure this continues.

We know we are flying blind…

This is 100% uncharted territory and we know that.  Things are changing rapidly, so please check back with us on a regular basis.  We plan to send out regular email blast updates to all of our customers, but we know that everyone is swamped with email on this subject.  Thank you for your partnership – we know we will all work together to get through this crisis and emerge stronger on the other side.  Thank you for taking the ride with us.

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