Can Labels For Flexible Flavors

Can Labels For Flexible Flavors

Beer Can Labels Give Great Options

Beer can labels allow brewers to experiment, collaborate, and bring new products faster.  Small batch sizes, quick delivery, and great quality make can labels a good option for specialty products.  Beer can labels add cost, but with premium, small batch products commanding a higher price, the can label pays for itself.  And, not having to order 200,000+ of each SKU saves money and space.

12oz or 16oz – We CAN Help

We have the standard sizes for 6-pack (12oz) and 4-pack (16oz) labels.  And, we can do them on both our traditional press (long run) format and the short-mid run digital press.  Whatever the beer can label need – we CAN help!

RCL Can Labels Run Well

Beer can label customers rave about how well the labels stick to wet, cold cans and how durable they are in the retail environment.  Because cans don’t have a protective panel like glass bottles, can labels need a laminate to protect the ink. We learned this the hard way on early runs, but now we have the system dialed in.

Design Options and Special InksBright Inks Pop off the Label

Because you aren’t committing to 200,000 printed cans, your designs can be flexible and fun.  Also consider adding metallic or fluorescent inks to make your designs pop off the retail shelf.  Printed cans are great, but they just don’t have the graphic options that a beer can label offers.

Small or Large Quantities

Because of our flexible press options, we can print 500 to 100,000 can labels in a fast, high quality, cost effective manner.  Some can labels cost as little as 7.5c per label.

Thank You

We appreciate all the great beer customers that have trusted us as the moved from glass to beer can labels.  Please call us today for all your beer can label needs.

Craft Brewers Conference Party: April 15 at 6:00p

Craft Brewers Conference Party: April 15 at 6:00p

Rose City label is proud to be a participating sponsor of an official Craft Brewers Conference Event, Crosby Hop Farm Open House on April 15 at 6 pm in Woodburn, Oregon.

Crosby Hop Farm is a 5th-Generation Hop Grower, Broker, Processor and Distributor of more than 75 Varieties, Service Craft-Brewers around the globe. Visit them online  Be sure to check out the cool company video right on the home page!

Rose City label recycling, Scott Pillsbury, Craft Brewers Conference, 2015, Crosby Hop Farms, open HouseThis invite-only event will be held 35 miles south of Portland. Participants may drive, though bus transportation will be provided for a limited number of attendees who RSVP quickly. We expect this to be a fun, energetic night with limited edition beer and networking with hundreds of top brewers from around the country.

For brewers that want to attend, please email the Crosby crew!

Thank You to the 65 brewers that trust Rose City Label with your label printing needs – Your business is very important and we look forward to seeing you at CBC and at this party.