Sustainability RESULTS!

Sustainability RESULTS!

We are very proud of the good work we do to be an eco-friendly company.  Our people care about the earth we share and they are proud to be a part of a company that considers the environment.  Not all projects we start end up with dramatic results, but our eco-efforts certainly do.  Over time, as we have measured and worked, the gains have piled up in all areas.  Please contact us if you have questions.

Results – The Numbers Don’t Lie!

Once we were committed to the green business, we knew we needed to measure our results.  Each month we measure these four eco-measures.  These are indexed to our production – resources consumed per unit of production.  Over the past five years, our business has grown considerably, so our absolute consumption has increased, but on a per unit of production basis, we have made fantastic gains.  Check out these graphs!

Electricity – Down 3% since 2013

Water – Down 47% since 2013

Garbage – Down 7% since 2013

Natural Gas – Down 43% since 2013

Thank You!  We appreciate all your support

We do this all for you, our amazing customers.  Thank you for pushing us to do better every single day. We aren’t done yet – we will continue to work hard to make our company more and more eco friendly into the future.  Are you on the same journey?  Anything we can do to help?  Please call us today, we would love to share more about our programs and the results we have achieved.

Creative Types — A Learning Curve for Me

Creative Types — A Learning Curve for Me

New Rose City Label Website Coming Soon

A BEAUTIFUL Rose City Label web redesign is coming soon – You will LOVE it! More natural layout, better navigation, and more of a visual focus on the amazing products we help to promote. Our work really is VISUAL – what we produce needs to pop off the shelf, and the new images in this site will show that much more clearly.

Business Optimization, Internet Marketing, Ronin Studios, Scott Sakamoto, SEO, Website Design, Website DevelopmentThe important take away for you – the small business owner, label buyer, or budding entrepreneur that is reading this – are the lessons I learned along the way. After many years of using the same web ‘guru’ – who I loved working with and is still a good friend – I decided to make a change. My previous service provider was excellent, and very technically savvy, but he is not a CREATIVE TYPE! I am also not a creative type, so we got along great. When I decided I could only go so far working with someone who thought “just” like me, so I made a Leadership Decision and I COMMITTED to fill a gap.

I could only go so far working with someone who thought “just” like me, so I made a Leadership Decision and I COMMITTED to fill a gap.

Engaging the Creative Website and Internet Marketing Services of the talented Scott Sakamoto of Ronin Studios has been a great experience, but not always easy. Here is what I learned:

  1. You can benefit greatly from surrounding yourself with people that are NOT like you (that THINK DIFFERENTLY). I have benefited greatly by having a different perspective. I am not a designer, I did not go to art school and I don’t see things in that way. Square peg in a round hole. BUT, I get great value by having input from someone with a different perspective.
  2. I am not good at letting go. As a small business owner, I am usually where the buck stops. Right or wrong, I have to make a decision. With the partnership with Scott Sakamoto and Ronin Studios, I had to defer some of that control. I agreed to it as a condition of working with Scott and the Update of the Rose City Label Website – he has the experience to know that only one Leader can be in charge of a project like this; that part was easy to understand from Scott’s experience (Ronin Studios Blog “What We Believe“) and portfolio reflects the type of work I can expect to receive.
  3. Rewarded: It was worth it. After some hand wringing and hurt feelings, I am thrilled with the end result – and I think you will be too. Keep the big picture and the end goal in mind when you enter a project like this, and make sure you have clear communication with a top quality partner, and I think you will love the results.

Stay tuned for the final product – and maybe a few more stories about the journey – but hopefully these lessons are helpful. Great growth experience for me. It has made me a better leader, and our company is better served by partnering with someone to fill in the gaps. You can’t do it all, so surround yourself with “Rock Stars”.