Wind-Powered Progress: Our 2023 Update

Wind-Powered Progress: Our 2023 Update

In 2023, we proudly continue our dedication to sustainable energy as we utilize 100% wind energy for our presses, computing needs, and all services. We took a stand against traditional power sources and remained committed. Though the allure of solar panels was strong, the consistent and sustainable power of the wind speaks to our mission.

Consistent Commitment to Green Energy 

Many enterprises start with partial commitments to wind energy, thanks to the various programs our local power companies offer. But we, at Rose City Label, committed fully from the start. In 2017, we utilized 193,000 kWh—all from wind generation rooted in the Pacific Northwest. Our motivation is cost efficiency and the profound statement it makes to our stakeholders.

Our Green Journey

Over the years, we’ve shared our collaborations like the OBRC partnership for reusing beer bottles, the innovative adoption of water wash printing plates, and robust pallet recycling efforts. Our transition to 100% wind power is simply the next step in our continued commitment to green initiatives.

2023: A Time to Join the Wind Revolution! 

Since the first Go Green! The conference we attended in October 2017, the ease of transitioning to wind power has become evident. We underwent the process seamlessly. By paying a slight addition to our electric bills, we invest in RECs (renewable energy credits) that validate our commitment and fund research for future green energy technologies. Switching was smooth, and we could adapt if future needs arose. 

Our Certification is a Testament

Green-e certification is our badge of honor, ensuring that the energy we rely upon comes from the sources promised. In partnership with PGE, we guarantee transparency—there’s no ‘greenwashing’ under our roof. For those in the Portland area, you can start your green power journey with PGE.

Let’s Shape a Greener Future Together

As pioneers in eco-friendly printing solutions, we invite you to collaborate with us. Our endeavors extend beyond just recycling—we’re about shaping a sustainable future. Reach out today, and let’s make a difference together!