Rose City Label Flexographic

Conventional Flexographic Label Printing is still the leading print method at Rose City Label. This long-run printing method is is very versatile, economical, and fast. Press speeds over 200 feet per minute make this a great choice for medium and long run projects.

  • Excellent Print-Quality up to 8-Colors
  • In-line Foil-Stamping and Embossing
  • UV Coating, Varnish, and Lamination
  • Metallic Inks
  • Complex Die-Cutting, Perforating and Scoring
  • Efficient for PMS (spot-color) and 4-Color (CMYK-Process) Printing

The Technology:

  • Inks are delivered to the label stock via flexible photopolymer plates
  • Each color station requires a different printing plate and colors are overlaid through the press
  • The final station is often used for varnish, UV coating, or lamination for surface protection
  • Three die cutting stations provide options to cut, perf, score, and slit in many configurations
  • Finished labels can be delivered in rolls or sheets, depending on the customer requirement

Appropriate Materials:

  • Over 40 different materials are available – our most versatile print option
  • Clear, metallic, fluorescent and natural finishes are available
  • Many white label stocks are available – matte, gloss and uncoated
  • Versatile adhesive choices – aggressive, permanent, removable and low tack


  • Most economical for long run print jobs
  • Excellent for mature designs that will repeat in the future
  • Most versatile finishing options – rolls, sheets, scoring and perforation are available
  • Metallic inks and inline embossing provide many dramatic design effects


  • Plates and longer setup times make it less economical for short runs
  • Heavy ink coverage does not print well on uncoated or textured stocks
  • Some complex design elements need to be specially formatted for this printing process