Rose City Label Graphic Design Services

Graphic design services

Great labels begin with great design.

Although we are NOT a branding or creative agency, we can still help you get your labels ready for print.

What we do best – Production Art

We are very skilled at production artwork, optimizing files for printing, and making minor adjustments like line or product extensions.  For example, if you have a 16 oz label and you want it resized and edited for a 32 oz label, we can help.  If you have chocolate and you want to add vanilla and banana, we can help, but we must get very specific layout instructions from you.  Again, we are not a creative design agency.

If this layout is what you are looking for, we would be glad to help.  We charge $75 per hour and most basic projects take 2-4 hours.  We will not exceed this estimate without your approval.

What we refer to Great Design Partners

If you need more creative design work, we can recommend a list of very qualified, talented independent designers. They are not affiliated with Rose City Label except that we have several happy clients in common and we refer work back and forth.  Any payments or fees would be negotiated and paid directly to them.

Our Current List of Amazing Designers

Now Design Creative Services

Chris Noud –

Owen Design

Bill Owen –

Graphic Lime Creative

Rachel Tourville –

DHX Advertising

Dave DeMots –

Prohibition Brand and Packaging

Kristin Casaletto –

All of these are local, well respected designers.  Bill, Chris, Kristin and Rachel work mostly in beverage packaging, while Dave is more of a full service branding agency.  All excellent. And, we are always on the lookout for new referral partners. If you have a designer you love, we would be happy to add them to this list.