2019 SGP National Eco Certification (Re Certified in 2022)

SGP is the premier sustainability certification in the printing industry. This broad standard covers litho, digital, wide format and other print methods, as well as custom label printing. Rose City Label was among the first label companies to subscribe to this rigorous standard. Our certification audit in August 2019 went went so well that we were exempt from the following audit cycle. This exemption is rarely granted, especially to newly certified facilities, but it was granted to us because of our ongoing focus on eco-friendly business practices.

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2018 TLMI Environmental Leadership Award




TLMI is the leading North American label trade association.  Each year, they select one printer and one supplier to highlight for their sustainability programs.  Rose City Label was very proud to be selected for 2018.  The award recognizes specific programs, demonstrated results, and a cultural commitment to the environment.  We are very honored to join the list of past winners and we will never stop on our eco-friendly journey.  This year, the awards were renamed in honor of Calvin Frost – a true environmental leader in the printing industry.  There is nothing better than a cold frosty beer from our customer in the commemorative ‘Frosty 2018’ mug.

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2018 Clackamas County LEADERS in Sustainability

Our local county also has an environmental certification that we recently renewed. This was our original eco-certification back in 2009 and Rose City Label has been on the green journey ever since. If you are a business here in the local area, please ask us about this program and its requirements.  Since our original award more than a decade ago, we have re-upped with program as the standards evolved.  

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Recent Sustainability Blog Posts

Wind-Powered Progress: Our 2023 Update

Wind-Powered Progress: Our 2023 Update

In 2023, we proudly continue our dedication to sustainable energy as we utilize 100% wind energy for our presses, computing needs, and all services. We took a stand against traditional power sources and remained committed. Though the allure of solar panels was strong,...

Sustainable Leadership Recognized again!

Sustainable Leadership Recognized again!

Sustainable Leadership A major label trade magazine -Label and Narrow Web - recently featured Rose City Label in a vendor case study.  Read the full case study here on our website.  They discussed the reasons and benefits for our move to water wash printing plates. ...

2,300 Trees Saved last year alone!

2,300 Trees Saved last year alone!

We are 100% Wind Powered - and Proud of It! When we found out our local power company offered 100% clean wind power, it was an easy decision for us.  More than 2 years ago we made the commitment and we never looked back.   The program was easy to set up, economical,...