Associations and Certifications

We are proud to be a part of some of the most prestigious business organizations in our city and our industry. We work hard to keep a stellar reputation and to surround ourselves with other business innovators. With these connections we have many resources to offer beyond label printing. Please feel free to ask us about any of these important groups.

For over 60 years, we have been a part of Portland’s premier business leadership group. This invitation-only group is composed of one leading business in each business category. Each week we connect with these other owners and leaders to share business ideas and information. Through this group, we have direct access to the top performers in every business category. Please contact us if you need recommendations for any service providers in the Portland area. We can help.

SGP is the premier sustainability certification in the printing industry. This broad standard covers litho, digital, wide format and other print methods, as well as custom label printing. Rose City Label was among the first label companies to subscribe to this rigorous standard. Our certification audit in August 2019 went went so well that we were exempt from the following audit cycle. This exemption is rarely granted, especially to newly certified facilities, but it was granted to us because of our ongoing focus on eco-friendly business practices.

TLMI is the national trade association for label printers. Through this group we have access to all types of label products and resources. Even if it is something we can’t produce ourselves, we can probably source it for a customer or refer them to the right provider. We were recognized by this group in 2018 with their Sustainable Leadership Award – given to one company in the entire United States for their outstanding contribution to sustainability in the printing industry. As a past Board Chair, Scott Pillsbury has spoken at numerous conferences and provided leadership to this group for many years.

Our local county also has an environmental certification that we recently renewed. This was our original eco-certification back in 2009 and Rose City Label has been on the green journey ever since. If you are a business here in the local area, please ask us about this program and its requirements.