New Machine for Faster, More Accurate Production

New Machine for Faster, More Accurate Production

We Constantly Reinvest in the Latest Technology to Serve You Better

Servo driven technology keeps us on the cutting edge. Our customers demand better labels each day.  We work hard to bring them to you faster, more accurately, and at a more competitive price.  By investing in our fourth state of the art, servo driven machine, we are raising the bar on quality each day.  Servo driven technology means our machines are faster, more reliable, and more accurate for you.

Video – See the Machine in Action!

Check out this 2 minute video to see the machine running in our shop.  This isn’t a demo or a factory video – this is our machine running on our floor!  Click here to see the video of this new machine.

Faster Label Production

With speeds up to 900 feet per minute, this servo driven technology flies through the orders.  The touch screen setup is faster and the actual rewind process is much faster than before.

More Accurate Roll Counts

With precise servo driven technology, you know you will get exactly the roll count you need.  Being able to deliver repeatable, high quality labels is a cornerstone of what we do at Rose City Label.

Servo Driven Technology – More Reliable – Meeting Commitments

Being able to guarantee on-time deliveries is important to our customers.  By constantly upgrading and modernizing, we can be sure that our equipment will be ready to serve you – on time, every time.  If a machine does break down, modern electronics backed by a US company help us to always be back up and running quickly.  This machine helps us to stand behind our commitments.

Constantly Modernizing For You!

As we continue on our 90th year of label production, we are not resting on our success.  We are constantly moving forward with the latest technology innovations.  Check out our new Foil Stamping Press by clicking here.  We also added environmentally friendly, water-wash printing plates last year.  Check out this post to learn more about these new printing plates.  Please call us today for all your label needs – we are working hard and preparing for the future so we can always be your trusted label printing partner.

Tour the Rose City Label Company: Video

Tour the Rose City Label Company: Video

This video was created for a recent presentation to business leaders in Portland, but we wanted to share it with our blog readers as well.

Look for the HP Indigo Section in the second half of the video (00:59); the new HP Indigo digital press is a NEW ADDITION that is really adding capacity and opening new Opportunities for YOU and for us this year.  If you have any custom label projects coming up, we would love to help.

Please call us today – we look forward to helping you.

High Speed Digital Die Cutting

Game Changer for Mid Run High Quality Labels

This beautiful new machine is the latest addition to the Rose City Label equipment lineup.  It extends our digital print capability to an entirely new level.  With this machine, we will be able to help more customers than ever with high quality, digital labels from 2,000 to 10,000 or more.

Our original digital die cutter is still in use, and it excellent for very short runs.  This die cutter is 20x faster, so it open up a whole new market for us.  We have a full solution for all your label needs:

1. Short run digital printing and die cutting – 50-2,000 labels

2. New Mid run digital printing and die cutting – 2,000 – 10,000 labels

3. Traditional long run printing – 10,000 to 2,000,000+ lables

Of course there are many other factors besides print run length that will determine exactly which equipment is best for your label project, so call us for additional details.

Thanks to all of you for your continued trust and support as we grow and innovate – we couldn’t do it without our outstanding customers.

If you want to work with a company with cutting edge equipment and an eye toward the future, call us today – 800-547-9920. Thank you.

Recycling Labels for Our Customer

Partnering to help our Customers Succeed


Our good customer, Pizzicato Gourmet Pizza, recently decided to exit the Take and Bake pizza market to focus on their restaurants and home delivery business.  They came up with an excellent idea to reuse the thousands of Take and Bake labels they had in inventory.  Rose City Label donated the manpower to slit two full pallets of labels down into narrow strips that will be used to close their salad boxes for take out orders.

This was a brilliant solution, and we are proud to be a part of it.  Pizzicato saves some future label expense and everyone benefits by keeping these labels out of the landfill.

To learn more about Pizzicato or to order a pizza, click here.

To partner with an industry leader that cares about the environment, call us today – 800-547-9920. Thank you.

Durable Long Run Full Color Labels

Amazing Quality from our Traditional Press

This label is a beautiful combination of form and function.  The label has a stunning design that required excellent prepress, platemaking, and pressman ship to look this good.  It also had to stand up to harsh a harsh environment without fading or scuffing.  Rose City Label rose to the challenge and delivered and excellent quality label.

Despite the growth of digital printing in our business, traditional, long run printing is still over 80% of our work.  The press set up time and cost quickly pays for itself because of the speed and quality of the finished product.  And, we have many more options for die cutting, lamination, and finishing on the traditional press.  Digital is the future of printing, but this type of long run, high quality work on our traditional presses isn’t going away any time soon.

Call us today if you have a challenging label project – 800-547-9920. Thank you.