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We serve a wide variety of customers in food, beverage, and other industries. Beer, wine, spirits, and other drinks are a big part of our business. Gourmet foods, coffee, and other durable consumer and electronic products are also areas where we excel. Anybody with a product in a bag, a box, or a bottle is a good prospective customer for Rose City Label.

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Food and Beverage Labels
Rose City Label in Portland, Oregon is at one of the epicenters of the Pacific Northwests Artisan Food and Beverage Culture.

As Artisinal Food Products become more noticed by concerned consumers, we are your front-line Product Label Service Provider. Food labels have always been an important product for Rose City Label. We have helped launch many of our current food customers, especially for new Product Introductions.

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Food Labels are the Most Diverse of all Rose City Label Products

Labels for the food industry often need to retain their adhesive properties when exposed to cold and moist surfaces, and also when placed in deep freeze storage. Labels may also need to be resistant to fats and oils.
Labels used in the food industry serve the need for an eye-catching effect at the point of sale and are also an important element in branding. Packages to be labelled include glass, hard and soft plastics, fibre-based materials like paper and card, as well as metals.

Specific Food & Beverage Expertise:

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