Traditional Long Run Press Quote

This printing method is the fastest, and lowest total cost in many cases.

The press uses one printing plate per color in a given label design – printing plates are $75 each and only charged on the first order. For runs with multiple labels, only the portion of the label that changes requires a new plate – you don’t need a full set of plates for each label.

A typical order on this press platform would be 10,000 to 500,000 labels, with a design that is stable.

For example, for a new 3 color beer can label at 100,000 quantity, the price would be 7.5c per label, plus $225 for the printing plates, or $7,725 for the total order.  

Every order is different and this is only an example for illustration.  For an exact quote for your project, please click below for a detailed quote.

Traditional Press printing is the backbone of Rose City Label Printing options.  It is the proven, time tested option for longer runs at the lowest possible cost.  It is also about the same lead time as other methods for a new project, but faster than others on exact reprint orders.  If this describes your project, click below for a quote – click here to learn more about the technology.