A recent article in the Portland Business Journal had some pretty amazing statistics about our local craft beer scene:

  • The Economic Impact of the Beer industry in Oregon is $2.83 Billion Dollars
  • We have more craft breweries per capita than any state except Vermont
  • Nearly half of Oregon-made beer is consumed here

The article also has great insight about the troubles our large brewers will have to grow their distribution footprint.  Since Oregon isn’t exactly in the center of the United States, shipping is a big factor.  The option taken by some growth players – to add contract brewing in the Midwest and East Coast isn’t a strategy many will consider.  The quality control of making your own beer in your own facility is important to our top brewers.  And, the access to fresh Oregon hops and clear, pure water are two big things that keep our local beer local.  With so many Craft Beer drinkers in the local area, most will never have to expand beyond our great state.  Cheers!