As part of our ongoing improvement programs, we benchmark our performance against many other label companies across the country each year.  This year, the benchmarking survey asked some additional questions as we try to quantify our production and reduce our waste.

One of the new measurements was the total square inches of material produced. Amazingly, when we add up all the production of all types of label stock from all vendors, the total production volume was…

1.13 BILLION square inches of label stock in 2012!

About 93% of this was adhesive label stock that is used for the majority of our labels, but the other 7% was not adhesive roll stock for lumber tags and variable bar codes.

Later this month we will get the comparative results of this national survey.  We look forward to using this data to get better and better at serving you in the future.  Thank you for helping us get over the ONE BILLION mark last year!

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This blog post was written by Scott

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