This great information was published in ‘Labels and Labelling’ magazine – the recapped some branding guidelines from the international branding and packaging agency, Claessens-Cartils. This is great information that any label buyer should consider when they are deciding on a bottle, package, and label design.

Every brand has both an identity and an image. The IDENTITY is the actual value and quality of the brand – low price, high quality, cutting edge, established, or whatever you truly offer to the consumer. The IMAGE is the perception created by the packaging and label. Your goal is to make sure the packaging allows the true IDENTITY to show through.

Whatever your brand IS, make sure your label reflects that.  Here are three examples:

AUTHORITY – If your product shows self confidence, trustworthiness, and excellent quality, consider these design element: Capital letters, high contrast colors, high position on the bottle.  Other elements include a shield or a coat of arms showing a regal, established backing.  Smirnoff Vodka is shown as an excellent example of this brand message.

AUTHENTICITY – This brand is perceived to be real, and to have an honest story to tell.  Specific logo fonts (like no other), custom colors, and a brand ‘icon’ are great features of a label projecting this image.  Kettle One has a label that reflects the 300 year old tradition of small batch vodka.   The design incorporates the original coal-fired copper pot, which is still in operation today.  The 10th generation family business has a true, interesting story to tell, and consumers react well to it.

PRODUCT EXPECTATION – This label tries to convey the smell and taste of the product inside the package.  With vodka, the image desired is purity, smoothness, and an alcohol kick.  Absolut vodka captures this with bold a bold typeface, a rounded bottle, and crystal clear labels giving the ‘no label look’.

This entire article can be found on the agency website -please check it out to read even more great tips.