It is official – the auditors have been here to verify all the good things we are doing and they commended us on the good work we continue to do to be a responsible, eco-friendly business.

Rose City Label is the 49th certified label company in the country, and the first in the Pacific Northwest

We are proud of all the hard work out team put in to make this happen.

What is L.I.F.E. after all? ** Label Initiative For the Environment **

Four detailed sections make up the Scorecard for certification:

1.0 Clean Production Techniques – focus on air pollution, water usage and waste, solid waste (landfill), cleaning products and office supplies

2.o Energy and Greenhouse Gas – electricity, natural gas, and chemical/vapor release

3.0 Product Design – measures press room waste reduction, efficient scheduling, and promotion of eco-friendly label materials

4.0 Management – evaluates management systems, employee engagement and commitment to sustainability

This entire process took about 5 months of effort, but it was worth it.  There were no major business changes required, but many existing programs were formalized and documented.  This certification has also kicked off a more aggressive waste and energy reduction program and made all of our environmental commitments more visible to all team members.

Thanks to all our great customers for supporting us through this journey, and for sharing our commitment to green business.

Call us if you have any additional questions – we would be happy to share the experience with your ‘green team’.