Though this doesn’t directly relate to labels, it was an interesting idea that seemed worth passing along.

Here is the story from Popular Science:

… introduced the ChillCan, a completely self-chilling can reduces a drink’s temperature by 30ºF in three minutes.



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The ChillCan contains a cylindrical chamber of high-pressure CO2 gas, which ends in a valve that extends through the base of the can and is capped by a button. When the user pushes the button, the valve opens and the CO2 rushes out of the bottom of the can and into the air. As the gas expands, it absorbs heat from the surrounding liquid, lowering the temperature. Along with his can, Joseph is launching an energy drink called West Coast Chill to put in it. The drink will be available this summer in Arizona, Nevada, Southern California and online, and in stores nationally by 2014. Hopefully, beer will be next.