Complex die cut labels

This label isn’t very sexy to look at, but it’s very functional, cost-effective, and durable, and was challenging to produce. This job was sent to us by another label company that had struggled with the job because it was outside their specialty.

Starting with a specially-designed material, one color is printed on the face of the label, indicating precise specifications for the product. A mat overlaminant is applied and the label is die-cut using a precision rotary tool. Waste between labels is pulled off, and then the label is cut into individual sheets and put onto the conveyor. This label maximizes the size, speed, and quality of our printing press, and it gives a fine finished product for the customer.

We have had great success with the job, and our customer has been very pleased with the results. Everything about the label is very precise, including the material, adhesive, laminate and die cutting. Each of these label sheets contains four main labels and within each of those are 40 different very small die cut labels. These are applied in an industrial environment with grease, oil, and other chemicals, so the material has to hold up .

The small reverse (white) print on each label is critical, as it identifies a specific tool in a set — if the print isn’t clear, the label won’t work.

We have successfully run the job 3 times in the past 18 months and look forward to many more orders from this customer in the future.

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