Custom Design to Protect Your Software

This high quality label was designed by Rose City Label to help the customer protect their valuable software.  The End User License Agreement (EULA) is clearly printed on the label that secures the DVD Case – if you open this case, you own the product.

Rose City Label designed a label that has an easy to use MicroPerforation – basically a zipper – designed into the label. The Mylar laminate is put into the center of the stock with narrow perforations. White, red, black ink are all applied, and then a clear lamination is applied to the label before it’s die-cut with a micro-perforation.

The label has two layers of clear poly label stock, plus a thin strip of bright silver mylar to provide strength and to help the user understand where to pull and peel in order to get into the package.  This label has to keep the product closed, but also provide easy access for the end   customer.

This label is run on two different presses – first, the bottom layer of poly is slit and the thin mylar ribbon is applied.  Then, in this video, the prepared stock is run through a second press, printed 3 colors, laminated, with another layer of poly, and diecut.

All of this must be done in precise registration to make sure the product looks appealing and works for the end user.  This product was designed 7 years ago and has been in service around the world for this international technology company ever since. This multi-layer, multi-press construction gives a finished label that is versatile, economical, and work. The tamper-evident seal allows the customer to know if a product has been opened and used.

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