I was fortunate to attend a vendor summary in Ohio this week that included a presentation by Rob Wallace of Wallace Church – a world class branding agency in New York and San Francisco.

Rob spoke for about an hour about Design Thinking.  His points were very good, and worth sharing here.  Rob said that Design should be a mentality in your business.  We need to connect the dots in new ways, and not just rely on linear thinking and the accumulation of facts.  We can’t get by on just regurgitated facts – we have to think in new ways.  Design is a process, an action, a verb.  Here are the critical steps:

  • A> DEFINE – redesign the problem, don’t look for the easy, obvious, conventional solution – look at it in a new way
  • B> CREATE – make many options, try a new approach, don’t stop at a barely acceptable solution
  • C> REFINE – make rapid prototype and test heavily – let the market tell you  – improve and change often
  • D> EXECUTE – implement solutions that work – monitor success – follow through – make it happen

Learn more about Rob and his firm by clicking here.

While this isn’t directly related to labels or printing, it is a message that all businesses need to keep in their mind.  We want to be a solution provider, not just a print vendor.  Our goal is to help your business succeed – labels are just the main vehicle we use to accomplish this goal.  Call us today if we can help.