Eco Label Stocks

Rose City Label is pleased to offer three exciting new eco-friendly label stock.  These are premium stocks that we will inventory on our floor to avoid the large minimum purchase required with past ‘green’ label stock offerings.  Manufacturers are really stepping up and providing cost effective, high quality label stocks for companies that want to go ‘green’.

Here are the new stocks:

60# Semigloss with 30% PCW Content – All Temp Adhesive – and Natural Kraft Liner

This is a premium paper that prints as well as anything we have in our shop – but 30% of the raw material comes from Post Consumer Waste.  This is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, for a very very small up-charge, while still having a first rate print job.

FSC Certified 53# Coated One Side (C1S) – All Temp Adhesive – and Natural Kraft Liner

This thinner label stock is sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, sustainably managed raw material.  The thinner face stock also means you are using about 10% less actual label material on each label, and if your label is machine applied, you get more labels per roll on your machine to reduce machine change-overs and down time.

Kona Light – All Temp Adhesive – and Natural Liner

This rough surfaced paper is made entirely from recycled coffee bags!  This material is more expensive and it doesn’t print as well as the other two stock, but it is entirely tree free!

Adhesive and Liner

All three of these label stocks come with a very high quality all temp adhesive to serve a wide variety of needs.  Most importantly, for the first time, they have a liner (backing paper) that is unbleached (reducing chemical pollution in the manufacturing) and the backing paper is fully recyclable with your standard corrugated recycling.  These two great components, plus the face stocks listed above, really make these materials an ideal choice for a company trying to go ‘Green’ with their label purchasing.

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