Label Material made from Corn!

This label project uses PLA, polylactic acid, as the label material. It’s made from corn, not petroleum and not trees. This label is a beautiful, long-life product, printed two colors, and laminated with a clear over laminate film.

Unlike many of our labels, this label doesn’t get delivered in rolls. It’s cut individually and handed out to consumers. At the end of the press here, the labels are cut into strips so a label can still be run, maximizing the press web for best economy.

These individually cut strips are then stacked and weighed using our digital counting scale, so the final finishing is precise and efficient. These stacks of labels are transported to the final finishing department, where they’re cut apart, using our power cutter, and individually stacked¬†and boxed 1,000 labels per box.

The branding notes at the bottom of the label let the end user know that the company is committed to eco-friendly practices.

Call us today if you have a challenging label project Р800-547-9920.  Thank you.