Foil Stamping adds a touch of class to any label!


This is one of the specialty areas that other label companies come to us for – we are the experts!

Foil stamping is another strong specialty area for Rose City Label. Using a pre-printed label with a special eye-mark, our semi-rotary, foil stamping press reads the eye-mark and stamps foil onto the pre-printed label in  precise registration.

Foil Stamping is a great way to set your label apart from the competition. Using our eye-mark technology, we can register a detailed foil stamp to a preprinted label. The label can be simple or complex – and Foil Stamping will add a touch of class to help your product get noticed on the shelf!

This is a great way to dress up a label from one color to eight colors and add an extra touch of class. This process is a great way to make your label distinctive and stand out on the shelf. Call us today to find out about hot stamp for your labels.