FTP (file transfer protocol) is the best way to transfer large files to us.  Many files are small enough to come to us as email attachments, and that works well too, but if your file has a very large full color image, or your email capacity is limited for some reason, FTP is the answer.  FTP has been around for many years, so for some reason people think it is old fashioned, or hard to use, but that just isn’t the case!  FTP is still in use today because it works. The only negative comment about FTP is that it truly is just a file transfer – it is like dropping a package on our back porch.  Please send us an email after you make the transfer to let us know that the file has been submitted!  We don’t go out and look on the back porch for packages every day, and we don’t always check the FTP server for new uploads every day, either.


We also use newer, web based services like DropBox, YouSendIt, or LeapFile, but the old fashioned FTP still works very well.


To use FTP, you need to download a free FTP client program – available for Windows or MAC.  There are many available, these are two I have used in the past:

Filezilla – http://filezilla-project.org/

SmartFTP – http://www.smartftp.com/

Once the software is installed, you will put in this setup information to connect to our FTP server to transfer your files:


Please contact us for specific login information


** If you intend to transfer files often, we would also be happy to set up a private folder specifically for your company use.

As always, we encourage you to contact us at any time via  email or phone if you have any questions.