bead_label_2013We have been very fortunate as a company the past three years.  We have talked on this blog in the past about how we are not taking our success for granted, but are celebrating and being thankful for all the good we have in our personal and professional lives.

As a result of the tough times we faced back in 2008, we are much more aware of how well things are going for us now.  We are constantly trying to get better in everything that we do.  We are investing in new equipment and systems to help us serve our customers better.

We are also giving back to important causes.  Cancer and Children are two of the causes that we try to support.

The Kyla McCullough Gift Fund honors the memory of a very courageous little girl.  Since her passing in August, 2005, her parents, friends and family have honored her memory by raising money to support kids living with this devastating disease.

This year Rose City Label was again pleased to donate the cute clear hippo labels that will be used on items the night of their auction.

To learn more about Kyla and the great work the organization is doing, please click here.

Thanks to all of you, our loyal customers, for continuing to support our company so we can grow, prosper, and support important causes like this.