Many of our best customers were offended by the InBev (Budweiser) ad during the Super Bowl.  If you missed the ad, it is feature on one of the links below, but basically it just mocks the growing craft beer industry.  It is ironic that InBev is trying to buy up craft breweries to try to stay relevant in an era when small, quality craft beers are eating into their market share every year.

“It’s not brewed to be slammed, It’s brewed to taste good.”

Are they fans of craft beer? Or are they just terrified that craft beer is taking over their industry.

These videos from Hop Stories and Ninkasi tell the story very well – great reply to the Super Bowl ads – watch and enjoy!

Pacific Northwest Brewers Have A Message For Budweiser’s ‘Brewed The Hard Way’ Ad:


“Brewed the Easy Way?” Ninkasi Brewing Spoofs Super Bowl Commercial