2014 was a milestone in many great ways thanks to you.

  • Added 3 new team members
  • Record Sales – best in 86 years!
  • Installed amazing new Indigo press, retired two old presses
  • Shipped 3,438 orders – 20% digital and 80% conventional printing
  • 1/3 of orders were new or changed – 2/3 exact reprints
  •  Average lead time is 11 days, but 940 orders were shipped in 5 days or less

These major milestones, along with many, many small upgrades are really the reason we are so excited for 2015.  We are positioned better than ever to continue to grow and help more companies.  Thank you so much for your trust and confidence.

We appreciate everyone that has purchased labels, referred friends, or supplied goods and services this year.  This truly is a team effort and we couldn’t do it without you.

If you are ready for a second opinion on your labels, please call us to see what we can do for you.