Many have asked why we need a 7 color digital press?  Doesn’t CMYK (4 color) accomplish the same thing?

Actually no – with more base colors to build from, we are able to hit many more of the Pantone colors in printer’s library.

We discussed how process color works in a previous post – in a typical CMYK build, we add various amounts of these four colors (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) to build the color we want.  With this new press we actually have SIX colors to build from rather than four.  Think about having more ‘crayons’ in your coloring book?  See how that would allow you to create more complex and detailed colors?

Read the full story about CMYK and PMS colors by clicking here.

By some estimates, we will be able to hit a staggering 97% of all Pantone colors!   This level of color fidelity and consistency gives us even more options to print outstanding quality labels.  The seventh color, by the way, allows us to print WHITE under an image.  This is ideal for clear and metallic label stocks.  Stay tuned as we explore all the possibilities.

Designers – bring us your challenging designs – we are here to help.