What are some things that make the best label? What will really catch someone’s eye while also defining your business? Color matching with pleasing tones should always be a top priority. Less words and a well crafted layout will bring in a customer.

At ROSE CITY LABEL, design and implementation are crucial for labels, this is why each customer is taken care of individually to make sure only the best will be created and produced. A hastily made label can push away potential customers and even turn off loyal ones from the company. Also, ROSE CITY LABEL offers clients both Flexographic and Digital printing, expanding options tenfold. These custom labels will withstand the wear and tear of shipping and customer handling and everything in-between.

ROSE CITY LABEL has been in business since 1928, and even maintained during this tough economy, while providing for Oregon and the rest of the United States.

Whether you need a small run or large run, we can suit your needs and your vision.