Seems like everyone is finding a use for our old pallets.  Check out these beautiful pieces.



  • Reduce – the best option is to use fewer resources from the start.  If you can do the job with 500′ of label stock, then don’t use more.  The same applies to every other resource, ink, paper, or packaging in your product.  Reduce at the source – this is the gold standard.
  • Reuse – if you can re use the same box, paper, ink, or computer again, that is also a great victory.  Re using a product for the purpose it was originally intended is a great way to extend life and reduce cost to your business or household.  If you can, use the product again.
  • Upcycle – If you can’t use a pallet again as a PALLET (since we generate so many), these photos show a way to use the same material for a higher purpose – to build backyard decks. This isn’t what the PALLET was designed for, but it is an alternative, high value use for the product.
  • Recycle – if all these are exhausted, grinding the pallet up into bark chips is the final option.  At least it isn’t ending up in the landfill!

The idea is to USE LESS at the start, but if that isn’t possible, we want to get more life out of every resource with the least possible processing.  Processing and reworking anything is costly and difficult – it takes even MORE resources to rework that pallet.  Using it as a PALLET is ideal, but if not, then upcycle if possible.  It that isn’t available, then recycling is still a better idea than making more solid waste.

These are NOT easy problems, but we have solved several of them.

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