Good things are happening at Rose City Label as we install a new state of the art pre-press software and plate making system.  This sophisticated system takes your art files and makes all the necessary changes and calibrations to ensure you get the finest quality printing plates.

Here are the benefits for you:

  • Better Quality Printing Plates – more vivid, detailed color images
  • In House Control – faster turn around time on new orders
  • Better Proofing Technology – more accurate color proofs, more accurate replication on press
  • More Eco Friendly – eliminates film, developer, and all related chemistry

During October, we have been very busy installing the machines, wiring and networking them together, and getting extensive factory training on how to use the software and hardware.  We have always made most of our plates in-house, but over the past few years as the demand for very high quality full color printing has increased, we have chosen to outsource our most demanding plate work.  Now we will have the equipment in our own building and be able to provide better quality plates faster than ever!

Digital Plate Maker


Thank you for your patience this month as we go through this very extensive training and calibration process.  We are scientifically calibrating our color proofs, plates, and printed labels to make sure we can provide even better quality in the future!