The little details make the biggest impact.  More often than not, this is why Rose City Label gets new customers.  Rarely I hear that the price is too high or the print quality is poor, but OFTEN I hear that the previous vendor just didn’t seem to care about me.  Here are my take away messages from this:

  • People just want to be appreciated – Please and Thank You matter
  • Simple stuff – more than high technology – matters today
  • When in doubt, reach out and say thank you
  • Don’t let yourself get complacent and take customers for granted
  • You may be in B2B sales, but we are ALL people in the end

All of this – of course – is predicated on the notion that you have a compelling product at a fair price.  You can’t ‘please and thank you’ your way out of poor quality printing.  But, even with all that quality control in place, you can still mess things up by forgetting your manners.

Be smart – do the small things that make a huge difference!