We have talked at great length about the many benefits of digital printing – low waste, low to no setup time, and excellent print quality.  So what then, is the best way to maximize the value of your job on the digital press?  Answer – FILL THE WEB!

Everything in digital comes down to the linear inches (or feet) through the press.  We don’t change our prices based on the complexity of the print — 1C is the same price is 4C printing.  The determining factor is the linear distance required to complete the job.

So, try to fill the 7.75″ print width the best you can.  This great customer, Scott Sakamoto of Hydrorush asked about this and designed his front and back labels to fill the web. If he had made each label just 0.25″ wider, he would have paid twice as much for his printing!

 Small changes make a big difference!  Call us today so we can help you maximize your digital printing dollars.