We believe that we have to track and measure everything to give you the best possible performance.  It is hard to manage a business, family, or project just based on ‘gut feeling’ – you need data to keep yourself and your team accountable.  Here are a few of the things we measure.

  • Financial – sales, profits, material cost, labor and others
  • Delivery times – number of orders shipped, average time, commitments met
  • Errors – problems, rejects, items caught before getting to the customer
  • Green – trash, electricity, natural gas, water usage

All of these measures give us a solid understanding of how our business is performing.  The numbers don’t lie.


This is how we did for you in April 2015.  This was a big month for us as we continue to grow thanks to your support – largest April in 87 years!  We continue to work on lead times to keep customers happy,  The other interesting thing is that within these averages – 61 orders were shipped in 5 days or less – that’s 20% of all orders in 5 days or less! 

Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need – chances are, we can make it happen.  THANK YOU for all your support.