Is all printing going to become digital printing?  Eventually, yes, maybe…

The study linked below shows some very interesting findings – a few that really shocked me:

  1. Very few of the twelve print categories studied (including labels) will move primarily to digital presses by 2014, and in fact most won’t even get there by 2020.
  2. Digital printing is expected to grow at 11.5% compound annual rate, while conventional printing will decline by 5% in the next three years.
  3. The increase in digital comes from such a small base, that digital alone really isn’t displacing traditional print – online white papers, e-coupons, and other means of information delivery are taking more from conventional printing than their digital counterparts.

While this study covers much more than the label and packaging industry, it does provide some insight into the future or our business.

Being able to offer digital, plate less printing and digital die-cutting are a great benefit to our customers, but as we have always said, the newest technology isn’t always the best solution for your particular application.  Call us today and we will take the time to look at all the options to find out the best solution for you.

Read the full study by clicking here.