Many people are successful in business for different reasons – they are excellent technically, they have amazing service, they sell for the lowest price… All of these and more can be the reason that a person or company could be successful in business.

Regardless of what your strength is in business, one thing remains constant – you have to know your numbers!

Numbers, both financial and operational, are the lifeblood of any business. Numbers are the true language of business and the numbers don’t lie.  Despite our best efforts, or our various feelings about how things are going during a week or a month, the real truth always comes back to the numbers.  At Rose City Label we try to measure what we do so we can find ways to improve for our customers.  Here are a few of our numbers from Q1 2014:

  • 834 quotes created
  • 752 work orders created
  • 3928 web visitors with an average time of 1:48 on site and 2.3 pages visited
  • 47 new customers

These aren’t the only numbers we track, but we wanted to share these data points to give you a look inside our business.  What do you track? How does it help you?  Our goal is to help our customers succeed.  We primarily do that with excellent quality labels to promote their products, but we are happy to help in other ways.  All our customers, and indeed all businesses, share many of the same challenges, so we are happy to help in other ways beyond label printing.  Have questions?  Call us today!