This month I published an article on behalf of the Beverage Industry Networking Group (B.I.N.G.).  The Oregon Beer Growler is a wonderful new publication that highlights the Oregon Craft Beer industry.  Our group contributes a column each month that talks about the ‘business side’ of running a beverage business.  This month, I made the case for why you should diversify your distribution and not just sell you beer in kegs or at your own brewpub.

Click here to download the full article text in PDF format.  Click here to visit the Oregon Beer Growler online.  Thanks for supporting Craft Beer in Oregon.

Here is a brief summary of the article:

  • Everything works a little – you need a mix of marketing tools
  • Great Beer labels in the store allow you to show off your logo and build brand awareness
  • Bottles allow you to ship your product to other geographic areas to find more customers

Once you decide you want to bottle, be sure to consider these issues:

  1. Proper material – specifically designed for a glass bottle
  2. Coordinate with your bottling service up front
  3. Confirm delivery time – schedules are often very tight
  4. Be sure to get the proper government approvals


If you want to learn more about the benefits of bottling, call us today.