Is the Oregon brewing industry over saturated?  NO! 

According to this article on Oregon Live and the supporting research from the Oregon Employment Department, there is still room to grow for people that produce good quality beer.

With 188 licensed breweries in Oregon, the industry seems huge.  But, as the report points out, only 5,127 people actually work in this industry.  As with many other industries, there are a handful of very large players, but they are followed by many, many more very small producers.  The competition is forcing everyone to step up their game.  Just showing up with another hoppy IPA isn’t going to cut it anymore.  Brewers are being forced to find their specific area of expertise and stick to it.  Some choose a very tight geographic area and try to be the brewpub of choice for the neighborhood.  Some find a specialty type of beer and become the expert in that product. 

Regardless of how they do it, the industry has grown to the point that everyone has to get back to basics – the basics of business, which require that you do something besides provide a ‘me too’ product with average service.

Only the strong and smart producers will thrive in this market and that is great news for our customers for us as Craft Beer lovers.

Read the Oregon Live article by clicking here.

Read the research behind the article by clicking here.

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