Two sided printing, laminating, and Diecutting – this label has it all!

This label makes maximum use of our equipment and expertise. This run of nearly half a million labels was a great job for us!

Some labels are a perfect match for the Rose City Label equipment. In this case, label stock is brought in upside down and printed first on the adhesive side. The label stock is split and remarried after the adhesive printing is completed. Then the label is turned over in the press using a turn bar.

From here, regular printing is completed. Yellow, magenta, cyan, and black followed by a spot color of blue to complete the front side print. All of this is done at nearly 200 feet per minute to ensure the job is completed on time and at the best possible price.

Next, a clear over-laminate is introduced and laminated to the label stock to protect the label. A freeze frame camera is used to make ensure precise registration of the five-color print. Finally, the label is die cut at the end of the press, creating a complete, finished label in one pass on our equipment. Five colors on the front and one color printed on the adhesive side complete this label.

Because this is a very long run, and a large label, we maximize the press by filling up the entire width of the press. This gives the customer the most efficient running and best possible price.

This label is a perfect match for the equipment and the capabilities at Rose City Label. If you have a full color label, or anything else that needs high quality packaging to identify your product in the marketplace, please call Rose City Label. We can handle any challenge, simple or complex. Thank you for your business.

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