These Coke bottle labels show an example of one of the most innovative marketing campaigns in years.  Coke – clearly one of the most mature, established brands in the world – saw a huge sales increase when they introduced personalized labels.  The Share a Coke campaign has been very successful by any measure.  It is nearly impossible to get a sales increase like they did with such a mature product.

More importantly, they didn’t change the actual product in the bottle or lower the price – they just changed the packaging and created a huge buzz about it.

This was a big win for Coke, but also for HP Indigo – the press manufacturer that supplied the technology to make this campaign happen.  The story has been written up in dozens of places as an example of the power of variable content marketing.  Variable content – meaning variable text, bar codes, and even photos – provide options that were never possible with conventional printing.  Forget about the better print quality, or the lower cost, this is something that is physically impossible with a conventional printing press that uses plates.

Now that we have our HP Indigo digital printing press, we can offer options like this too.  Creativity is the key – what could you do to personalize your product? How could you build buzz and excitement around your brand? What would it take for your loyal fans to be competing to collect a full set of all your different labels?  Answer these questions and we can help you execute your plan.  The technology is here – right now.  All we need is creative marketing people to make it happen.

Want a huge lift in sales with new labels? Please call us today.  We can help.