One of the first decisions a label buyer needs to make is the material their label will print on.  Part of this decision is obviously a stylistic and art-based decision, but there are also performance issues to consider.  The label has to hold up and perform the task it is designed for.  Helping you decide what material is best for your project, at the most affordable price, is one of the things we do best at Rose City Label.

Think about these items when you pick your material:

1. Application Temperature.  How warm (or cold) is the product when the label is applied?

2. Service Temperature Range.  What temperature variations will the product experience?

3. Dispensing Method. Hand applied? Machine applied?

4. Product applied to.  Glass bottle? Paper box? Poly bag?  What does the label stick to?

5. Printing Process.  Flexographic (traditional)? Digital? Thermal Transfer?

6. Environment.  Is the label getting wet? Scuffed? Direct sunlight? Indoor? Outdoor?

7. Useful life.  Single serve container? Gallon? Used for a year? For a single day event?

Think about these seven questions when you are selecting your label material.  Knowing the answer to all of these will help us to find the right label material to meet all your needs.

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