This great label shows not only the power of digital printing, but the POWER of the Rose City Label team to make things happen for our customers.

We got a panic call from a very good customer that had failed to order labels over a month ago, and now they were about to shut down their line and make their good customers wait for product.  Luckily, that didn’t have to happen!

Besides amazing digital printing, this label had several other steps to make it a reality:

  • Since it is ultimately delivered in single cut pieces (not on a roll) the stock had to be back-slit and sized for the press
  • The job was a repeat print, so the we were able to fire up the digital press and print 10,000 labels very quickly
  • but… then the label had to be laminated and cut to individual labels
  • and… finally the label had to be inspected and trimmed to the exact size required by the customer…

While we very proud of the TECHNOLOGY used to make this label – we are even more proud of the PEOPLE that make it happen.  Each of these steps was performed by a different person on a different machine. And the whole job was complete in about 4 hours!

The people that stand behind the technology are the difference – and the competitive advantage we have to offer your company.

If you would like this dedicated team making sure that your line never goes down, please call us today.