This is another great example of a label we weren’t sure we could make.  We get many of our best ideas from our customer requests — they push us to do things we didn’t know we could do, and the results are very exciting.  In this case, we have a unique QR code on EACH label.  This allows the customer to track the model and serial number of each product, expedite the product registration, and streamline any repair or recall in the future.

The key to this is having a very sophisticated website with a unique landing page for each instance of your product.  Once that is done on the back end, Rose City Label can create and print the variable QR code to direct your customer to their personal landing page.  Remember, QR codes can also be used to send an email, SMS text message, or refer the person to any other web based landing page that you choose.  If there is a destination to send them, we can get them there with a custom QR code — even if it is a different code on each label!

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