What are these funny squares?


QR codes are exciting new 2 dimensional bar codes that can be read from any smart  phone that has a free reader app installed.

What can these codes do?  They can:

  • Launch a website or specific page on a site
  • Send an email
  • Send a text message
  • Send a contact (vCard)
  • Launch a YouTube Video

You (the label owner) decide what you want to do when someone scans your QR code, and we can create the code and print it on your label.

It’s easy!  This is a great way to give your customers extended information about your product, while they are standing in front of it in the grocery store aisle.  More nutrition info, serving suggestions, or testimonials from your best customers telling them why they MUST put your product into their shopping cart, right now!

Call today to learn more about QR codes and how we can add them to your labels.