Out with the Old Technology – the Green Way!

When we did more offset and letterpress printing, labels needed hours or even days to dry.  Drying racks (as shown in the left photo) were stacked all over the shop in order to help ink dry on labels before they were wound into rolls.  Today, our inks don’t need that much time to dry, and honestly our customers won’t wait that long to get their orders.  The Drying Racks are useless to us – but what do we do with them?

Our creative crew is always looking for good things to do, so we broke them down and recycled them:

  • The wood is being taken home to burn by one of our employees
  • The metal is being recycled at the scrap metal depot where we take our obsolete cutting dies

This is just one small example of how ‘green’ has been baked into our company culture.  If you want to work with an environmental leader, please call us today – we would love to help you.