Rose City Label is proud to be a local, family owned business.  We try to support businesses like us as often as possible.  Recently, we needed a few specially sized metric bolts in our shop and we chose to use our local hardware store – Wichita Feed and Hardware.  These guys are right down the street and the service is excellent.  Here are just a few of the reasons to support your local merchant rather than a big box retailer:

  • Closer to our shop than the national chain store
  • Easy parking
  • Small store with very helpful service
  • Experts took me directly to the proper drawer to get what I needed
  • In and out in 6 minutes
  • I only had to buy what I needed – 6 screws
  • No packaging to throw away
  • Supports local family owned business keeping money in the neighborhood

Better product – better price – better service.  Other than that, I don’t see any reason to support your local hardware store!

If you want to support a local family business and get great service like this, please call us today.