This is great news for wine label, beer label and spirits label buyers. The government is relaxing some standards in an effort to streamline the process and make it easier to get small revisions to market.  This mostly applies to a new vintage year or a minor change to a previously approved label, but it is certainly a step in the right direction.

Here are the highlights – the following will be allowed without re-approval:

  1. Add, delete or change awards and medals.
  2. Reposition any label information, including, text, illustrations and graphics.
  3. Minor editorial corrections that do not change the meaning of the label.
  4. Add,delete or change trademark or copyright symbols, kosher symbols, company logos and/or social media icons.
  5. Add, delete or change a vintage date.
  6. Add, delete or change stated bottling date, production date (day, month and/or year) or freshness information including bottling, production or expiration dates or codes. 
  7. Add, delete or change holiday and/or seasonally themed graphics, artwork and or salutations.  

For more information – follow this link

As always, it is the customer’s responsibility to stay current on all of these fast-changing regulations, but Rose City Label is happy to pass on this type of updated information as we receive it.

Thanks to our customer Greg Lint of Oak Knoll winery for passing along this updated information