badger_logoWe support the hard working police and fire fighters in our community – period.  There are bad people in every profession and those individuals should be found, tried fairly, and removed from the force when warranted.  We can’t afford to have a few bad people staining the image of our hard working public servants – 99% of them come to work every day to serve and protect us.  Let’s stay focused on the 99%!

At Rose City Label, we have a separate division called Safety Badges that focuses on kids badge labels – these are given out to children at schools, parades and festivals to promote safety and also (maybe more importantly) to promote a positive interaction between youth and people in uniform. Without this positive interaction, many young people would just see the awful stories of abusive, dangerous police officers killing innocent people – this is not the whole story, or even the majority of the story.  We need to help our officers tell the rest of the story, and badges can help.

Kids love badges!  Do you know a policeman or fire fighter that could use these to build a community connection?  Send them to  – for less than $0.05 per badge, they can put a smile on a kid’s face and make them see that the vast majority of people in uniform are positive, honorable public servants.  Better yet – go online yourself and buy a box of generic badges and drop them off at your local police or fire station – that would make their day!

Thanks for joining with us to support these valuable community members that risk their lives for us daily.